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Anglemog exists to promote the use and enjoyment of Morgans. Your committee and I hope that you enjoy the 2020 programme of events. As always, it is based on past experience, feedback and suggestions received from the membership.

It takes lots of work to arrange a well organised event and I want to say a BIG THANK-YOU to all those who volunteer their services in making Anglemog such a vibrant and enjoyable centre.

It is hoped that all details of our events prove to be correct! Please keep a look-out for my monthly email updates and Miscellany reports which will provide information of any changes. We also endeavour to keep our website up-to-date about past and forthcoming gatherings.

I’m always happy to hear from members, from sending photos and write-ups for the website through to constructive feedback on what we can do differently.

I look forward to seeing members and their cars at every event possible. Happy Mogging............. Nigel Bull


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If you have no experience of driving in convoy please read this very carefully to ensure you drive legally and safely.

When there are multiple cars travelling together it is recommended to split into groups of no more than six cars per group.

We do not need to maintain a delay before each group moves off, but knowing who the individual leader and the tail ender of each group is, will ensure confidence if traffic means we get separated.

Convoy Rules

  1. The navigator and driver of each group must make sure each car knows who is leading and who is at the back. The driver at the end of each group should have their lights on.
  2. Marshall the convoy into the correct order, without being a danger to other road users.
  3. Each crew must ensure that they have their information file with directions and maps with
  4. them (in case any car gets lost).
  5. The slowest cars/drivers should be at the front with the faster cars at the back. Single
  6. handed crews should travel in the middle of their group
  7. Do not forget the proper rules of the road in favour of some all powerful “rules of the
  8. convoy” or “must stick together” syndrome which may lead to following cars driving too
  9. close or too fast
  10. Once the order of the cars is established it should remain the same for the whole journey.
  11. The speed of the convoy is dictated by the slowest car. If someone starts getting left behind,
  12. then slow up. A driver, driving beyond his or his car’s capabilities will put the whole convoy
  13. in danger by risk of an accident
  14. Keep to the speed limit. The lead car should be just under the speed limit.
  15. 9. Each driver should be aware of the car behind him and should keep it in sight at all times. If
  16. the car behind is hanging back then the car immediately in front should slow up, this will
  17. work its way up the convoy to the front and the leader should slow up.
  18. 10. If the car behind stops or disappears from sight, the car in front should stop. This will work
  19. up the convoy to the leader, When you stop find a safe place and bear in mind how many
  20. other cars may need to stop there.
  21. When the convoy turns off, the first and then following cars should wait at the junction in
  22. turn to make sure that any convoy cars behind see where the turning is. Whilst a car is waiting at a junction, the rest of the convoy ahead should stop at a suitable place along the road. Ensure clear indications at all times.
  23. If you need to stop in an emergency flash your headlights at the car in front, each car should do this in turn to attract the attention of the leader. (If the driver in front shows no sign that he is looking in his mirror and has seen this, then blast the horn).
  24. Drive courteously and safely. Do not jump traffic lights in order to keep up, the convoy will wait for you. Remember you are not exempt from any legislation. If other road users want to overtake, they must be allowed to do so safely – so do not follow the car in front too closely, but allow space for an overtaking vehicle into the convoy if he needs space.

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