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24 members turned up at the White Hart, Margaretting Tye for the traditional New Year’s Day gathering. Despite initial problems sorting out everyone’s meal orders - only 20 had been expected with orders to the pub having been received by email, telephone or not-at-all! - the tables were re-organised for us all to sit together. Thereafter, service was very well organised with everyone eventually getting what they expected.
The weather had been kind whereby 9 Morgans made it to the car park where it was commented that now “blue is the colour” thanks to the Upward and Gillespie new acquisitions - a 3.7 Roadster and Rover Plus 8 respectively. This resulted in 6 cars of various shades of blue! Dark clouds were noted to be gathering by departure time resulting a slightly damp journey home for some.

The weather had improved from the previous stormy conditions and members travelled from far and wide for one of the most popular meetings in our programme. However, tin-tops were in the majority on the driveway with only 3 MOGs being allowed out.  

Our traditional start to the festive season was enjoyed by 41 Anglemoggers who entered into the spirit of the occasion as usual, by contributing an excellent array of food and drink.  On a personal note, I was spoilt rotten with Christine supplying her wonderful curry cous-cous and Simon providing a gallon of my favourite beer and offering to drive me home!  (I had plenty of help in consuming it all.)  

Always wanting to respond to suggestions (well most of them…..) the occasion was further enhanced by Tim, who we must thank for agreeing to lead us in singing a few Christmas Carols.  

As usual, pictures have been posted to the website along with a short video of the Anglemog choir in action.

Jan Lanceman arranged a very convivial early Christmas lunch for 25 Anglemoggers.  Party hats, crackers and silly jokes were the order of the day as we quickly engaged party mode.  Please see accompanying photos.  Having made the booking, Jan & Richard promptly fled the country and left Dave Mills to organise us.  Many of us were looking forward to seeing Malcolm Gillespie's newly acquired +8 but apparently, a couple of stray raindrops prior to leaving were enough to keep it hidden away from us.  We were beginning to think he has just been dreaming about a new toy until he produced some photos!    It was great to have Roger Upward back with us again and we wish him well for his ongoing recuperation.  The conversation on our table ranged from Malcolm's new car, Nigel's new exhaust, ladies new handbags and Anglemog's new so Regalia everyone was happy!  Many thanks to Dave for taking over from the Lancemans so they could go on holiday!  

There was concern about the limited places for this event because we usually have difficulty in finding venues that can cope with the ever-increasing numbers for our Sunday lunches.  Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those occasions.  A very small but perfectly formed group of 14 Anglemoggers were in attendance for good pup-grub with the additional attraction of major preparations for Halloween. 

The pub was clearly very enthusiastic about horror and we were surrounded by many scary things.   The accompanying pictures give a sense of what we experienced and I'll leave you to decide on the scariest person!  You probably know which one I'd pick........!       

Many thanks to John Goodman for the excellent organisation. 

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