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A small group of Anglemoggers congregated first in the main car park. Unfortunately, parking spaces prevented forming up all the cars together! Once all assembled, Tim led a walk around the village, acting as a suitable guide to point out the most interesting landmarks. Some members stayed behind, having booked a tour round the Guildhall whilst the others exercised!
Arriving back at the market square everyone moved into the garden of The Angel for lunch - suitably spaced at the picnic tables. Fortunately, the forecast rain held off (other than a short drizzle at lunchtime).
This marked the first larger advertised Anglemog meeting permitted as the Covid-19 Lockdown regulations eased and all were so glad to be meeting up again.
Many thanks go to Helen and Tim for arranging the day with everyone now looking forwards to the next event!

Rosemarie Nelson acted as co-ordinator for Anglemoggers to attend this event organised by the Jaguar Club each year.

Despite the wet weather (combined with the usual wind to be experienced on airfields) and the closure of part of the A414 for road works, 8 Morgans were counted as attending through the day. The Aldermans made the extra effort in bringing both their Roadster and the Aston Martin!

Arrivals and departures were somewhat staggered due to the weather and road conditions. Most arrived by mid-morning, having found their way all round the perimeter road to the far side of the airfield - partly thanks to Rosemarie's advanced directions and partly due to the smell of coffee!

Rosemarie also rewarded us all with some delicious cakes - they would all have disappeared had not the arrival of very dark clouds and rain resulted in the remaining goodies being packed away.

Having replenished our sugar levels, most wandered around the collection of cars with some interesting Singers, Astons and Jaguars on show. Everyone then swapped notes on how to find the best way home, avoiding the closed A414 section.

Many thanks go to Rosemarie (and Peter) for arranging our participation. Everyone left hoping to meet up again in the near future (Pandemic and our vaccinations permitting).

Simon Daunt (280)

On Saturday 7 th September I decided to give my car a run to Snetterton to see the Morgan racing. There were very few spectators so social distancing wasn’t an issue and it was nice to be doing something that felt almost “normal”.  

With the greatest respect to our racers, I’ve seen more exciting races! It was the MGBs that provided the action which was so enthusiastic that one ended up on its roof! 

It was nice to meet up with some Folkmoggers and particularly good to have a socially distanced chat with Vic Champness, the only other Anglemogger I met.  

COVID-19 Lockdown Photos

I was relieved to bump into this sign.
I was relieved to bump into this sign.
Was given this last Xmas. Got it out a week ago so will need another six weeks lockdown to finish it ! Anyone looking for fillers for Miscellany or Cranmog / Anglemog happy for you to use this.

It’s National Drive It Day and we can’t go out due to lockdown and COVID-19, but there is no stopping AngleMog - here’s our Drive It Day pictures!

Essential journeys in the style of the Great Escape from lockdown.
One of our younger members (Centre Secs grandson) on the hush-hush experimental eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, very low emission, next-gen prototype Morgan testing lockdown conditions.
Roger is still tinkering with his Morgan so the Greek goddess has gone off in a huff.
We were supposed to have been in Minehead this weekend for a family gathering celebrating my Aunt’s 90th Birthday. Sadly that has had to be postponed-except in our imagination.
Still locked down in the garage and not sure I will ever find my way out!
Missing you all, it’s been a long time xxx
Which race circuit am I off to - clue is on the bonnet .
Essential journeys in the style of the Great Escape from lockdown.
Twenty First Century “Driverless” Morgan! šŸ¤” NOT enjoying “Lock Down.” šŸ˜” It has found a way to escape on an expensive holiday! šŸ˜
All Jen & my efforts yesterday apart from gardening & building. It's the first time the flat rad has started and moved in over 2 years - it may take a little longer before I can confidently take it on a longer run than our drive.
STOP PRESS – CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW 2020 ONLINE Rose & Peter spend Drive-It Day preparing their online Chelsea entry – prize - A Golden Ted!
So officer, why do we have to return home? Even Morgans need exercising. We are keeping two meters apart and our car is even wearing a face mask!

30 members and 7 Morgans were noted to have attended. Returning to the Fox this year proved very successful.
The food and service were excellent and, judging by the noise levels from those dining in the back room, members seemed to have a lot to talk about in between courses.

Although the weather was overcast and the roads damp, the Morgans all looked to have kept pretty clean on their way to the venue.
Many thanks were extended to Kelvin Knappitt for, once again, organising things with the pub.

This is always one of the highlights of the Anglemog social calendar and as it was so close to Christmas it felt particularly special this year.  For me, it's the beginning of the Christmas festivities. 

As usual, the Anglemog flag flew over a packed driveway but this year, given the rain, there was not one Morgan to be seen!  I'll make a reasonable parking attendant one day and while practising out in the cold waiting for cars to park I could hear the hubbub from inside the house halfway down the drive!  Members were packed in the kitchen, lounge, hallway, stairway and dining room enjoying the festive mood, many conversations and the wonderful range of food and drink that had been brought along.  We didn't attempt Christmas carols this year but feedback suggests that this may also be on the menu again next year. 

Many thanks to Simon and Rosemary for their generosity and hard work in hosting such a popular and enjoyable event.

Dudley was well known in both UK and international Morgan circles.

The very first reference to Dudley and Cheryl as Anglemog members appears in "Miscellany" of July 1989.  They attended a Shuttleworth Flying day having recently acquired a 4/4 and “were presumably checking out Anglemog before venturing to a noggin."  They eventually attended their first noggin In May 1990 and the records show thatDudley apologised for not arriving in their 4/4 but explained that the dashboard was sitting on the dining table.


Lyn Peek, then Centre Sec, recalls Dudley, had bought a run down 4/4-4 seater and completely rebuilt it, not bad considering this was his first Morgan.    

The seal was set on 30 years of friendship and fun.  The next year we took 3 weeks to tour France, the first journey abroad in our Morgans.  I have never laughed so much in all my life.  Dudley & Cheryl shared many French Forays with Anglemog; they attended all the MOG events and went on to become intrepid round the world Morganistes making friends where ever they went.

Dudley only ever had two Morgans and that first one was a blighter.  On that first 3-weekholiday, Dudley ended up on first name terms with the guy in the AA breakdown office and I swear every time it smelled the sea it broke down but Dudley ably assisted by fellow Anglemoggers, always fixed it.  We have various photos of Dudley and friends in overalls lying in the gutter to prove it!   When we went to Maastricht for the 25-year anniversary of the Morgan Club Holland, it didn’t even make it onto the ferry, but broke down the other side of the passport control.   A lesser man would have sold it and had nothing to do with Morgans again but Dudley had been bitten by the Morgan bug!

Indeed, it had been noted on one French Foray that Dudley was driving with different makes and ages of tyre at each corner!


Over the years Dudley & Cheryl organised various events including October weekends away for Anglemog, which often included interesting scenic runs down green lanes, even through farmyards! Dudley’s love of history, books and Jazz influenced the itineraries.  However, it was those foreign trips, driving across Europe that amazed us. Their travels took them through France, Austria, Spain, Gibraltar, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Liechtenstein, Poland, the Baltic States, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries.  See Dudley’s travel article.

In addition, holidays to Australia were planned to coincide with National Morgan events where many more friends were made.  


All this is remarkable enough but is very inspiring when knowing that over the past 12 years Dudley had been battling with Myeloma. He fought his illness with determination and courage.  In spite of many hospital treatments the foreign trips and attendances at UK events continued.


Many Morgan owners from Anglemog, Cranmog and Fringemog attended the funeral, which was a fitting send off.  He would have appreciated the magnificent line of Morgans that followed the hearse making up the cortege.  We’ll all miss Dudley’s sense of fun and friendship as we send heartfelt love and best wishes to Cheryl who was surrounded by her family and many friends on what would have been their 54th Wedding Anniversary.



Given the wet and windy conditions of the precious few days, I was fearing the worst for top-down motoring and a car park full of Morgans for our November Sunday lunch. However, dry roads and comparatively balmy 10 degrees encouraged a good turnout of 26 members and their cars to enjoy a very good lunch.  Not only did the pub have my favourite beer, but we were warmly welcomed by requests for photos of cars and ourselves for the facebook page.   
The noggin bell came in very handy in announcing the arrival of waves of food and Dave Waite had done an excellent job in organising our visit, including patrolling the car park so we could all park in line. 

Please see the pictures supplied by Simon, our resident paparazzi.  Many thanks to David.  This venue was an excellent find.

This venue includes a small shopping village, garden centre, Bistro, Owls, Meerkats and more. 

16 members arrived on a bleak wet morning with only the more hardy Suffolk contingent in Morgans. This included Jeremy Fraser a local Folkmogger who we were pleased to meet. 
After a welcome coffee, we set about the arduous task of looking around shops and the classic Vauxhalls and tractors pending the next gathering for lunch.  This was swiftly followed by a visit to the Owl sanctuary where the first thing noticed was so much more than just owls.  We encountered various birds of prey, including a Buzzard named "Nigel".  Some were being exercised, including a Harris Hawk named "Melvyn" so various comparisons were made with a certain Morgan agent.......all very complimentary of course! 
Having been entertained by Melvyn and his friends, we moved on to see the family of Meerkats having their tea and learned that all "gangs" of Meerkats are always led by a dominant female who can be very fierce and directs every activity.  The men in our party seemed to know exactly how that feels!  Our visit ended with a visit to red squirrels and the biggest giant rabbits you ever did see. 

As usual, Simon has produced some excellent photos.

Noggin 9th October 2019

The Fox & Raven in Chelmsford was another potential long-term noggin venue and initial feedback has been positive. The area allocated to us isn’t completely private or quiet but it is certainly the best we have encountered so far.

26 members had gathered into the largest space allocated to us for the quiz.   After the success of last year, John and Geraldine had agreed to organise more rounds of challenging questions. These were again well received with even more heckling between the teams than I remember. All very enjoyable.

It was good to welcome Len Masters again. Since buying his car last year, Len has been tracking our activities on the website and came along for the first time last month. We quickly discovered he is an asset in a quiz team! A discussion took place during parish notices about the trip we usually organise for May. Holland has attracted little interest for 2020 so I gauged interest for a possible trip to the Harz Mountains in Germany or the Lake District. The feedback will be considered by the committee – watch this space. Meanwhile, the last of the Anglemog Gold celebratory beer was sold.

When is a buffet a Chefs table?  When it's at the Commodore Hotel, Instow!  
Rosemary and Simon had high hopes of this hotel as our base for this year's weekend away and it didn't disappoint.  This is a family-owned business and as promised, we were treated very well with good accommodation, excellent food and attention.  I particularly liked the freshly cooked breakfast!  Many had travelled down on Thursday, including Colin who made it all the way to his first rendezvous point before realising he was still wearing his slippers!    Still on the footwear theme, Malcolm had bought new shoes and I had nearly worn mine out, pacing up and down the side of dual carriageway waiting for the RAC after my car had decided to cut out while doing 70 mph in the outside lane!   Miraculously, having thrown a hissy-fit, it decided to work again after a 40-minute rest by the side of the road.  For those already arrived, Friday was spent at leisure exploring the local area while the rest of the party of 42 travelled down.

On Saturday most of us visited Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre and immediately reverted to childhood!  All that was missing was candyfloss! Please see the accompanying pictures which say more than a thousand words to describe the fun we had.  On Sunday we dispersed far and wide in smaller groups exploring all that North Devon has to offer.  The big news of the weekend (perhaps even the year) was that Dave W attempted to wash his car!  Please see the picture of the front ....and then another of the missing bits leaning against the wall!  Apparently, Dave had to be told that his bumper was falling off!  Undertaking the temporary number plate fix was sufficient distraction from washing the rest of the car so we'll wait to find out what else may be missing, perhaps next year.....

Some of us visited the oldest known Morgan in existence thanks to Peter and Rosemary who had become aware of it being near where they happened to be staying.  The car is privately owned and the owner was happy for 8 inquisitive Anglemoggers to invade his garage and thanks to Geoff, ask some very technical detailed questions about how a 1912 M3W actually works.  Again, we have pictures of this incredible piece of machinery.  During the evening meals, Ruby was very excited by the magic man (that's me if you didn't know....) we had the usual picture caption competition and quizzes to ensure full engagement was maintained until the inevitable decline into comfortable chairs to see the evening out.  
Many thanks to Simon & Rosemary for their hard work in arranging another excellent weekend.

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The initial response to the suggestion of a midweek breakfast at KrazyHorse, a complimentary grease-up (for the car!) followed by a guided walking tour of Bury St Edmunds was very well received and I thought this might be the largest turn-out for a midweek event ever! 

The weather conspired against us so on the day, we were at least 10 people short of the number expected but still had an excellent number of 24 members and 2 guests tucking into the legendary KrazyHorse breakfast.  Having commented on the size of my breakfast, Simon proceeded to tuck into an enormous challenge, so as usual, appropriate pictorial evidence has been produced!  He had brought along his brother-in-law Danny from the USA so was clearly demonstrating that the Brit's can also manage a big breakfast!  It was also good to welcome Andrew Makinson who did his best to explain how wonderful it is to own a M3W to Linda on my behalf but she still needs more convincing......

Our cars looked impressive outside KrazyHorse and walking around the workshop it was interesting to learn a little more about their operation which is clearly going from strength to strength. 

Many of us then moved on to look around Bury St Edmunds before meeting up again for the guided walking tour.  By now the rain had stopped and we were split into 2 groups.  Our tour guides were very professional and speaking for my group, we had an informative tour.  As expected, we learned much about the medieval town and King (Saint) Edmund but also glimpsed into the world of Tudors, Georgians and the USAF in the second world war.   The accompanying photos demonstrate how attentive we can all be!  Many thanks to Christine Upward for suggesting and organising a very enjoyable day.

Folkmog had invited Anglemog to join them at this large gathering of cars.  There was an eclectic mix of pre, post-war and modern "classics".  Around 800 owners gather to show their vehicles and in do doing so, support St Nicholas Hospice as over £300k is raised.  Joining the very long queue of exotics to gain entry provided a glimpse of what was to come. 

The range of cars on show was stunning and the event is well supported by local businesses and appropriate food stands where the array of choice was also vast!  As usual, the accompanying pictures provide an idea of the atmosphere.   

You will see that we were awarded a certificate.  Over 30 car clubs attended and apparently were all judged! We don't know the criteria used but feel we would have done well if judged on our straight line of cars or two flags flying or perhaps, the ongoing seated picnic? 

The sunshine and large crowds who came to view made the event even more enjoyable.  There was not one comment about wooden chassis or 8-year waiting lists but unfortunately the words "kit cars" were uttered at least 3 times!   

It was great to be invited by our Folkmog friends and I hope there may be more joint events in the future.  Many thanks to Val Bevan for organising us.

12 Morgans ranging from a 1952 Flat rad to modern +8 gathered in a semi-circle around the Anglemog banner in the early morning sunshine. It didn't last! By 11 am the heavens had opened which was particularly upsetting because it had not been forecast. However, by 12:30 everything was drying nicely, the cars were leathered dry and chairs and tables were being assembled for the picnic.

There were over 300 cars attending the event, being an eclectic mix from high-end Merc, Porsche and Aston supercars to early Singers, Morris, MG's, Triumphs and Sunbeams. There were many Jaguars and even the Mazda MX5 club. Petrolhead heaven! (Well not perhaps the Mazdas....dare I say? Personal opinion of course, but I think their gearboxes are best reserved for M3Ws only). An amusing additional attraction was watching Brian grapple with his fold-up picnic table kit where bets were being considered around the time that it may take to erect - if at all. As always, our cars attracted much attention from the visiting crowds. Unfortunately, our picnic circle of chairs also attracted the attention of both wasps and a couple of comedians who thought they had stumbled across a nursing-home open day.

Many thanks to Rosemarie for liaising on behalf of our club once again and also for bringing more of the wonderful 50th Anniversary birthday cake. 

This event had been anticipated for many months and we were not disappointed.  

Little Channels was packed with 90 past and present Anglemoggers and guests including Jon Savage, MSCC Chairman, Colin Thornton MSCC Vice-chair and his wife Katherine.  The overwhelming request was to have an informal evening with no speeches although it was great to welcome everybody on the actual birthday of the first meeting 50 years previously.  I took the opportunity to say a big thank-you to those who over the years have contributed to the club as it has developed especially the 8 previous Centre Secretaries/Chairman in the room.

While having coffee after the meal, both John and Colin said a few words before cutting the cake and helping with the “Golden Raffle”. 
In addition to the meal, music, dancing and chatting we had pictures, an anniversary almanack and a history file running on TV to bring back happy memories which sparked lots of interest.

Flowers were presented to both Helen Eaton and Jan Alderman who with help from others, planned and orchestrated the evening beautifully.  We also acknowledged John Goodman's encyclopaedic memory and network of contacts which enabled us to invite people who have been part of the club in the past.  The accompanying photos demonstrate how everyone enjoyed the evening.

Once again this popular event was hosted by Dave and Kate at Mills Manor.  We are now in the habit of choosing a theme and given that we are in our 50th Anniversary year, there was only one thing to go for... "Gold".   

I never fail to be astounded by the breadth and depth of invention, ingenuity and lateral thinking when it comes to Anglemoggers dressing for an occasion!  Words won't do it justice so please do take a look at the accompanying pictures!  We had a gold prospector complete with his nuggets, a golden lederhosen Pinocchio lookalike, various golden waistcoats, a mix between a golden master of ceremonies and circus ringmaster, various takes on golden flowers - both men and women! A golden caped crusader and various other dresses, sashes, ties and hats following the theme. 

However, the golden goddess who came from golden Mog heaven to tempt the Centre Secretary left an appetite that only an Anglemog Gold Anniversary beer could quench!  Yes, Dave Waite has done an excellent job in obtaining our very own "Anglemog Gold" anniversary beer as part of our celebratory year.  There was high demand but stock remains of the bottled golden ale, available for £3.00 per bottle from Dave.  You can also see a picture of the Anglemog Anniversary teddy hugging a bottle!

Many thanks must once again go to Dave and Kate and their helpers for making this another event to go in the annals of Anglemog history. 

Oh, and I need to mention that the Anglemog book chronicling the first 50 years in pictures was also available to view.  If you haven't seen it yet, it will be at our events over the coming months.  

Despite all of the advanced planning, fine weather was not included! It was just as well that Simon had made up laminated copies of the walk.

22 members attended in total, although only 19 undertook the walk - the others excused having brought their “sick notes”!

Members first congregated at The Jolly Sailor for coffee at 10.00 when they were also able to book their meals for later. The chosen walk was the “Kings and Sailors: The Orford Heritage and Pub Trail, Suffolk”  and the intrepid set off in rather drizzly, dank weather. The walk allowed some to cut short the 5.5 miles, with only a few undertaking the extra spur to go and see Sudbourne Hall. It was easy to identified those brave souls by their bedraggled appearance when back and sitting down to lunch!

The Jolly Sailor had put aside their back room for us to use for the day and this readily accommodated our numbers. The food proved excellent and was very efficiently served together.

The rain eased up after lunch, allowing a few to extend their stay in Orford by visiting the Quay and Castle.

Overall, a successful day, despite the weather, proving the Angleramblers are a hardy bunch.

Another nice sunny day out in the Morgan!  This time to Matching Green where Kelvin is very involved with this excellent show which seems to get bigger every year!  There is something for everyone here from fare rides, beer, cakes, cushions (Linda just had to buy one!) spares, ice-cream not to mention a magnificent array of cars. 

Every type of vehicle turned up from old steam to very modern electric drive and everything in between.  You see huge American lumps from the 50's next to a modern Mclarens.  2CV near Cobras.  Army vehicles near Jags.  Lambos near TR's.  RR's & Bentleys next to boy-racer Ford escorts.  Rusty hot-rods next to the most magnificent Jensen I've ever clapped my eyes on! 

There was a good showing of Morgans present including 10 from Anglemog whose owners found time to sit picnic style amongst the cars with beer & burgers!  Petrol-head heaven! 

Many thanks to Kelvin for ensuring we had our own allocated parking and all his hard work on the day. 

We were blessed with nice weather for the line-up of 28 Morgans along the driveway of this excellent venue.

66 Anglemoggers from across the years were able to enjoy this informal get-together mingling amongst the wonderful gardens and beautiful array of cars. 
The organisation for this event was lead by Rosemarie Nelson who had an excellent support team around her.  Feedback subsequently received and echoed by all was - "Hats off to those who were involved in preparing the wonderful food......thanks also to all involved in the organisation........we had a wonderful and memorable day, and just want to say a warm thank you to all concerned.  You all did very well! 

What more can I say!  This was a great way of being able to celebrate together and express thanks to all those people, who over the years, have contributed to making Anglemog such a successful and friendly centre.  Our invite is always there to stay connected and please come to any of the events advertised in Miscellany and on our website.


Nigel Bull, Anglemog Centre Secretary.

Audley End 18th May 2019

Despite the best efforts of the organiser, Dave Waite, to confuse the members by promoting the wrong date for this event (he really shouldn’t be allowed out on his own), 9 Morgans and a guest Lotus Elan enjoyed a relaxing day at Audley End near Saffron Walden on Saturday 18th May. This English Heritage property is still impressive despite being only a quarter the size of the original Jacobean pile which was developed from a Benedictine monastery. It was rebuilt by the 1st Earl of Suffolk, the Lord Treasurer to James 1. The King visited in 1614 and declared that the house was too big for a King, but not for his Lord Chancellor.
There was a Victorian theme to the day, with guides in period dress explaining how the ground floor kitchens and the second floor coal house (!) operated, which added to the enjoyment.
The weather held fine for a picnic lunch before we went our individual ways to enjoy more of the house and impressive grounds.  Many thanks to Dave for organising.

David Mills (and his merry crew) were once again in charge of this very popular event.  Whilst they had not arranged for the same amount of sunshine as I remember in previous years we still had an excellent day.  We gathered at Debden Barns and after refreshment and the studying of instructions, we departed in various groups. 

This year the key to success was going to be spotting pubs, so what could be easier?   The destination was kept a secret because it was a pub which we needed to find!  We were aided by excellent instructions which reminded Simon and myself of the fact that our car trip meters appear to be 10% "faster" than others.  My mileage calculations were extended further by an unscheduled "in-convenience stop" in Thaxted which wasn't on the route we were expected to take.  A pity really, because we found lots of pubs!  As usual, Dave and Kate found a very good hostelry where the landlord provided an excellent meal with friendly service.  Definitely, one to revisit.  Fun continued as Dave provided the answers in an effort to establish our levels of competence and eventually it came about that the overall winners were Andrew and Blaine (who had already been celebrating an expected win with gin....Blaine, not Andrew, who had to drive her home!)

The "Trundle Trophy" was awarded to Roger and Christine who were the first to appear at the destination. 

Many thanks once again to Dave and team for arranging a very enjoyable Drive-It-Day.  Please see the accompanying pictures for the photographic record.  We'll be seeking volunteers for next years event, please!  

38 members attended this traditional Easter meeting. The glorious hot sunshine resulted in a good show of Morgans - only one was seen with its hood up - and that was simply for security once parked during lunch! Many took note of the new wheels on Dave’s Plus 8 and Nigel’s Aero!
An excellent meal was enjoyed by all and there was talk of possibly considering this venue as a future candidate for the monthly Noggins.
Paul Downing, an Anglemogger of the past, drove over in his SL to see us before everyone went in to eat - it had been the first time he had been able to drive for several months.
Many thanks go to Rosemarie Nelson for coordinating everyone’s attendance and meal orders.

A joint meeting was held with members from Folkmog and Anglemog. Most cars parked in the Grosvenor Yard car park - at least 6 Morgans were noted scattered amongst the other vehicles.
A very interesting tour followed when it was explained how the centre took in horses, retired from racing, to retrain them to behave in a way more suitable for general hacking and non-competitive jumping. Horses stayed for about 3 months free of charge as the centre is run as a charity.
Everyone then decamped into the town for lunch - most eating in The Golden Lion but some finding less crowded hostelries - The Bulls taking some Anglemoggers to The Bull (of course!).
After lunch, many returned to the centre to view the art in the Palace House and the numerous exhibits relating to horse racing. Some fellows tried out the mechanical jockey trainer although no-one was seen going at more than 10mph!
There really was too much to take in in just one day - a great place to visit if in the area.
A great day organised by Alan Braithwaite and co-ordinated by Nigel.

What an excellent day! This was one of those Anglemog days when everything was absolutely wonderful....well almost! 

It started with a very enjoyable drive in the sunshine to Waltham Cross where 6 mogs and a tin-top met for lunch at Lee Valley White Water Centre for a very convivial lunch.  This is a venue worthy of a visit in itself.  We moved on to the Bakery premises in Enfield where we were met with a very warm welcome.  Unsurprisingly, Health, Safety and Hygiene are the watchwords here and the sign-in procedure was extremely diligent.  Once we were passed the screening procedure we were treated to tea and cakes whilst being given an interesting talk about the background of the Warburtons business which is still privately owned by the family.  Then it was dressing up time!  Peter quickly adapted his plastic cap "Andy Cap" style while Trish took longer to fashion Kelvin's in a very fetching French beret style.  Please see the accompanying pictures. 

As you might expect, the massive bakery production area is warm and sweet smelling, especially the crumpets which when still warm from the cooling-line taste heavenly!  We learned much about the mass-production of quality bread and once back in the training room we were very happy to contribute to Warburton's charity of the year.  Ray Alderman, our very own bread maker, was clearly engaged in asking detailed baking related questions and I won't be surprised if Jan is soon faced with attempts to update their kitchen with industrial-sized stainless steel baking equipment! 

This brilliant visit ended with a request to line-up our cars in front of the Bakery for pictures to go in their internal magazine.   The journey home tried to spoil the excellent day.  Queues everywhere! Gridlock on the M25 and M11.  At one point, in the outside lane, I was getting very excited about overtaking Ray who had chosen the inside lane.  I must have been doing at least 10 mph! 

A big thank-you to Brian Horne who persevered to arrange this very interesting visit for us.  Apart from the return journey traffic conditions, everything was perfectly organised! 

41 members, plus “4 hanger-ons” (one son and three grandchildren guests) attended the meeting at The Duke of Wellington in Hatfield Peverel. This was the third venue being tested out as a possible meeting place for future monthly noggins.
The restaurant area (a.k.a. the old conservatory) was set aside for the group. As all were eating, this proved a little on the small side. Most had pre booked their food although a few changes were required as the menu was being “wound down” in preparation for a new menu starting in a couple of weeks time.
These, and the additional orders by those not pre-booking, were ably managed by the friendly staff.
With so many eating at the same time, combined with other members of the public in the rest of the pub, the kitchen was faced with quite a challenge , particularly as it was difficult to plate out 40 meals at the same time! Nevertheless, the meals were served on nice hot plates and the food was very good and very well priced!
It was agreed that the kitchen would find it much easier to cope on Noggin nights as food would be ordered as and when members turned up. Also a smaller number would be wanting to eat. With fewer eating, the restaurant area might also feel less cramped.
The committee will soon be deciding whether to move to this venue, at least for a few months to test out how well it performs on Noggin evenings, before deciding whether an alternative might be required.
Despite the very occasional blustery shower, the weather was mainly kind whereby at least ten Morgans were counted in the car park. Some were noted to be hoods down, including Michael and Sue’s three wheeler.
Overall, this proved a well attended successful meeting and a good trial for future thoughts regarding relocation.

29 members were booked to attend the lunchtime meeting at The Hare. This pub is used by other car clubs and, in the past, has held Breakfast Meetings until they became so popular that the Police became concerned about the spill-over of cars on to the main highway.
An excellent lunch was enjoyed by all and, with the glorious sunny weather, 10 Morgans were counted in the car park. By the time we left, the car park was indeed overflowing onto the road as an expression as to how busy the place was!
For those with time on their hands and room in their bellies, Rosemarie and Peter Nelson invited members back to their house for tea and cakes.
The event was part of the exercise to find a new venue for our monthly Noggins (as we are to move from Little Channels Golf Club) but, despite the great food and friendly staff, the venue did not appear suitable as there was no separate area for a group meeting.
Many thanks go to Rosemarie for, once again, organising the lunch (and the weather!)

The hunt is now on for an adequate replacement venue for our monthly Wednesday evening noggins and the Crown was the first potential on our list to be visited.  29 members with 6 Mogs were in attendance.  Dave and Marion walked, Ray and Jan should have done!  Malcolm and Anne's newly purchased +8 graced the car park and Malcolm was witnessed getting increasingly fidgety as the inevitable grey clouds turned to rain!  He'll now know how much water gets in!

We'll take soundings from members about the venues we visit and it was disappointing that we couldn't view the potential meeting room. Speaking personally I'm hoping the next venus will have more to offer.  However, we must thank Rosemarie Nelson for organising us all, especially in Panto season and of course Peter as her able assistant!

24 members turned up at the White Hart, Margaretting Tye for the traditional New Year’s Day gathering. Despite initial problems sorting out everyone’s meal orders - only 20 had been expected with orders to the pub having been received by email, telephone or not-at-all! - the tables were re-organised for us all to sit together. Thereafter, service was very well organised with everyone eventually getting what they expected.
The weather had been kind whereby 9 Morgans made it to the car park where it was commented that now “blue is the colour” thanks to the Upward and Gillespie new acquisitions - a 3.7 Roadster and Rover Plus 8 respectively. This resulted in 6 cars of various shades of blue! Dark clouds were noted to be gathering by departure time resulting a slightly damp journey home for some.

The weather had improved from the previous stormy conditions and members travelled from far and wide for one of the most popular meetings in our programme. However, tin-tops were in the majority on the driveway with only 3 MOGs being allowed out.  

Our traditional start to the festive season was enjoyed by 41 Anglemoggers who entered into the spirit of the occasion as usual, by contributing an excellent array of food and drink.  On a personal note, I was spoilt rotten with Christine supplying her wonderful curry cous-cous and Simon providing a gallon of my favourite beer and offering to drive me home!  (I had plenty of help in consuming it all.)  

Always wanting to respond to suggestions (well most of them…..) the occasion was further enhanced by Tim, who we must thank for agreeing to lead us in singing a few Christmas Carols.  

As usual, pictures have been posted to the website along with a short video of the Anglemog choir in action.

Jan Lanceman arranged a very convivial early Christmas lunch for 25 Anglemoggers.  Party hats, crackers and silly jokes were the order of the day as we quickly engaged party mode.  Please see accompanying photos.  Having made the booking, Jan & Richard promptly fled the country and left Dave Mills to organise us.  Many of us were looking forward to seeing Malcolm Gillespie's newly acquired +8 but apparently, a couple of stray raindrops prior to leaving were enough to keep it hidden away from us.  We were beginning to think he has just been dreaming about a new toy until he produced some photos!    It was great to have Roger Upward back with us again and we wish him well for his ongoing recuperation.  The conversation on our table ranged from Malcolm's new car, Nigel's new exhaust, ladies new handbags and Anglemog's new so Regalia everyone was happy!  Many thanks to Dave for taking over from the Lancemans so they could go on holiday!  

There was concern about the limited places for this event because we usually have difficulty in finding venues that can cope with the ever-increasing numbers for our Sunday lunches.  Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those occasions.  A very small but perfectly formed group of 14 Anglemoggers were in attendance for good pup-grub with the additional attraction of major preparations for Halloween. 

The pub was clearly very enthusiastic about horror and we were surrounded by many scary things.   The accompanying pictures give a sense of what we experienced and I'll leave you to decide on the scariest person!  You probably know which one I'd pick........!       

Many thanks to John Goodman for the excellent organisation. 

19 members (? Angle-ramblers or Ramble-moggers) met on the 18th October for another midweek walk; this time ably organised by Brian Mead.
Members first congregated at Gaston Green, just outside of Little Hallingbury. Then followed an hour and a half walk down past Little Hallingbury Mill to the canal. The walk continued alongside the canal and river and then across fields back to Little Hallingbury for lunch at The George Inn. The lovely sunny rural setting was only interrupted by the regular passage of planes heading for Stansted Airport! The George Inn proved to be a "good old-fashioned pub” (as advertised by the sign outside declaring “No TV”!) with good ale and excellent food.

Once fully refreshed, members wended their way back to Gaston Green to rejoin their cars before driving home. Many thanks were expressed to Brian for another successful day’s exercise.

A record number of 44 members journeyed to West Sussex.  We practically took over the Roundabout Hotel in West Chiltington who looked after us very well.  Visits to Arundel Castle, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, Chichester, Petworth House, Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre and the Weald and Downland Living Museum were all choices on the agenda.  Kate retained her title as Anglemog jigsaw champion and Tony D has cemented his position as after-dinner speaker extraordinaire!  A busy weekend with excellent camaraderie was enjoyed by all.

To see the full itinerary click here.

Roundabout Hotel
Roundabout Hotel
Roundabout Hotel
Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle
Weald and Downland Museum
Weald and Downland Museum
Weald and Downland Museum
Weald and Downland Museum
Weald and Downland Museum
Weald and Downland Museum

The summer appeared to be completely over at the Warren Classic and Supercar Show. 

The forecast was not good and many participants decided not to bring their cars.  There was a point standing in biting winds, heavy rain and soaked to the skin that I wished I was one of them!  I felt terribly sorry for the organisers. 

This is a major event seeking to attract 1000's of spectators to view an eclectic range of older prestige, classic and modern supercars along with the displays of local dealers showing modern, mainly performance cars for sale and how to finance them!  However, later in the afternoon, the rain stopped so we were treated to the planned fly-past of a Lancaster bomber.  If not for this, I would have described the event as an unfortunate "wash-out". 

Anglemog were invited to display a range of Morgans in the "British Icons" Concours d'Elegance.  In the end, because of the weather, we only managed a 3 wheeler and Aero.  Our very much reduced class consisted of a few Lotus's and a "Land Rover".  It felt slightly odd to be parked near rows of American muscle cars, prestigious Astons, Bentleys and Rolls and not far away from "priceless" Ferraris and Bugattis.  We didn't win anything, not even a thank-you for turning up!  You'll get an idea of the conditions by the pictures!  Many thanks to Helen for being our contact with the organisers and also to Jan & Richard and Jan & Ray who came to support us in such adverse conditions!

27 Anglemoggers were split into two groups and enjoyed a guided tour of the historic town. This took in several of the many landmark buildings including a description of their history and various build aspects over the years.  We finished in good time to move the Morgans to the Crown in Little Walden, where 30 of us enjoyed an excellent lunch.  Many thanks to Helen for organising and providing this report.

We were slightly concerned the weather wouldn't be kind but the day improved hourly so 32 Anglemoggers and 3 guests had a relaxing day.  This event gets bigger each year and there was an excellent array of classic and modern, mostly British marques on show. 

We parked in a large semi-circle and were able to display a range of cars from Triumph engined 1954 +4 through to more recent BMW engined offerings from the factory.   After looking at all the flora and machinery, most brought a picnic to enjoy while our cars were being perused by all the other visitors.  Three-month-old Oscar Bull made his appearance to meet everyone at his first Morgan outing and it was also great that Sandy and Lisa were with us too. 

Many thanks again to Rosemarie for her excellent coordination and hard work as our liaison officer for this event.

Unfortunately, the long period of heat and drought decided to come to an end just before the chosen date! 

This resulted in the “Not the Garden Party” with only a handful of Morgans venturing out. Nevertheless, a large turnout of members invaded Mills Manor confirming the popularity of this annual event.

Dave & Kate had set a theme of “The Mad Hatter’s Party” requiring members to come in a “Mad Hat”. As the photos should illustrate, members demonstrated their powers of invention and/or skill in manufacture. A prize for the best hat was won by Brian Mead who had sewn every one of the flashing lights (not sequins) into his top hat.

Members all brought a dish which resulted in a huge spread of food. Although “confined to barracks” a great time was had by all, including our youngest member, Ruby!

All are indebted to Dave and Kate for hosting this most successful day - now, what will the theme be for next year?!!!

Credit: Simon Daunt, Brian Mead, Alison Edwards

Credit: Brian Mead
Credit: Alison Edwards
Credit: Alison Edwards
Credit: Alison Edwards
Prize winning hat

I think this type of meeting is a first for Anglemog and what an excellent night it turned out to be!  We were asked to line up our 14 cars in front of the main building and they became an added attraction for our fellow racegoers.   Even before the racing started we had SkySports opening their national coverage of the event with a shot of our cars and a live 90-second interview where I was asked to explain a little about them.  They picked on Simon & Lynne's car so I was able to burble something about the history of the 4/4 and the advantage of this particular car having a carburettor instead of modern, sometimes temperamental electronics!   We had a nice meal and our tables were only yards away from viewing the finishing line.  Between races, there was further TV coverage of our cars and interviews with a couple of drivers by the in-house TV team and to cap it all Natalie and Simon were on-screen winners of raffle prizes.  The beautiful sunny weather was an added bonus and in spite of much excitement throughout the evening, I don't think any of us made or lost a fortune.   Many thanks to Jan & Ray for suggesting and organising something different and a resounding success.

Thanks to much better weather this year, there was a good turnout of cars. A wide selection of Porsches was complemented by 7 Morgans and a good number of Astons, Caterham 7’s, Mercedes’s and Lotuses, mixed with examples of Ferrari, MG, Maserati, Rolls Royce and Honda NSX - just to name a few!
The cars were all squeezed into the hard standing car park, rather than on the driving range, but this was much better for mixing with other enthusiasts.  We welcomed John Hayes, ex-Swanmog, and Anthony Crowley. Apparently Anthony’s wife is not too keen on the 4 seater Mog but his daughter has already staked her claim to inherit it - and it is booked for her wedding car!

No matter what the prevailing weather, it seems to me that airfields are always cold & windy and this was the case at Wormingford on Saturday.  However, 15 Morgans were nicely lined up next to the Gliding clubhouse and the occupants including one Folkmogger from near Newmarket, one new Anglemog member and one other owner who is a member of the Gliding Club (but is usually too busy to attend MSCC related events) were all busy chatting to be put off by the "nippy" wind.  

The Gliding Club were collecting funds and they had an excellent cake stall which was far too tempting to avoid and from the pictures, you'll note that "Two Puds Pat" was eager to live up to her name!  7 members took the opportunity of a very cheap flight, reduced to only £20 for Morgan owners.  They clearly had wonderful flights with good landings - smiles all round!  

Many thanks to Simon & Rosemary for organising this very relaxed and enjoyable outing. 

Due to the planned Princess Pocohontos Cruise having to be cancelled (no sailings all year now due to earlier storm damage to the wharf at Tilbury), Christine Upward organised a walk from Flatford to Dedham for a lunch.
The fine weather saw 5 Morgans meet up in the National Trust car park at Flatford. Members moved to the cafe for coffee before setting off on the riverside walk to Dedham. Arriving early, some time was spent in the Dedham Craft Centre before joining up with other members in The Sun Inn for lunch. Suitably refreshed, those members now dubbed “Ramblemoggers” with cars parked at Flatford wended their way back to have ice cream or tea before setting off back home.
The hot sunny weather meant a thoroughly enjoyable day - thanks to Christine for her organisation.

On a beautiful sunny morning, 24 members and Pat's friend Joan (who incidentally, wasn't surprised at the name of "two puds Pat" ) met at Ingatestone Hall for a tour of this impressive Tudor house and gardens. 

The first surprise was the excellent array of cakes which accompanied the welcoming tea and coffees.   The next surprise was to find that our tour guide was no other than Lord Petre himself!  This made for a very interesting visit because we were treated to various anecdotes and details of history which may not have been told, other than by someone so closely linked to the family ancestral home.   

Throughout our visit, Lord Petre was very happy to answer questions and he discussed various artefacts providing his views as we went along.  The priest holes and some of the pictures were particularly interesting.  After a walk in the sunny gardens, we adjourned to The White Hart, Margaretting Tye for our lunch which was well worth waiting for. 

Many thanks to Rosemarie for organising a very enjoyable day.

Anglemog is on the road again. First stop Bouillon to explore the Belgium Ardennes. Not without incident as Nigel was pulled over by border security for full car check and the convoy plans were shot even before we left Calais! All we need now is sunshine
Here we are at our first meal in the Belgium Ardennes and 2 Puds Pat is at it again....
Day 2 - Anglemog in the Ardennes spent walking around Bouillon. The Castle is spectacular, especially the implements of torture and Falconry display. The hotel food is also spectacular so we ate here again and this was followed by card building competitio
Day 4 and we have all safely made it to Hornberg in the Black Forest. Over 800 miles since leaving home. A good run through the empty French countryside in the sunshine. Strasbourg in rush hour was challenging! The rain has finally caught up with us.
Anglemog day 3. Our last day in the Ardennes. We split into groups to explore museums and the local villages. “Two puds Pat” now has a rival in “two dollops Dave” when it comes to sweets and Helena won the evenings card challenge.
Day 5 - Anglemog tour, now in the Black Forest. We split into various groups exploring museums, waterfalls, saw mill, and scenic runs. After the evening meal our entertainment consisted of Tony telling stories and a jigsaw challenge.
Anglemog trip - day 6. Again, we split into groups exploring Gengenbach (beautiful medieval town architecture & lunch) along with various tours around the small roads within the Black Forest.
Anglemog trip - day 7. On our way back now, some on motorways, others on the back roads. Troyes was the overnight stop with the added bonus of excellent night out on the town which included unexpected entertainment.

27 members in all took part in this midweek event.

21 congregated at The Bell in Kersey for coffee before setting out for the 3.5 mile walk (ref: Kersey Walks - the Copse and Tye Route). Although there were one or two muddy bits due to the rain the previous day, we were blessed with warm sunny weather.

Anglemoggers are obviously getting into the way of these walks as the projected time of 2 hours was easily accomplished in 1 1/2! This gave plenty of time for members to meet with the additional 6 that had arrived later at The Bell, being unable to take part in the walk. 

Drinks were ordered and, thanks to the hot weather, most elected to eat outside rather than in the restaurant.

Thanks to pre-ordering and a numbering system for handling everyone’s accounts, the food was delivered very efficiently.

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the walk and these now seem to be becoming a regular midweek event to be include in the diary each year.

Credit: Simon Daunt

The Anglemog "Trundle" was again organised by Dave and his very capable team.  It has become a highly attended key diary event of our motoring year and for 2018 we combined it with National Drive-It-Day.   We were again blessed with excellent weather and the 25 cars (50 people) had a great time sauntering around beautiful country lanes looking for pillar & post boxes, straw animal finials on thatched roofs and of course potholes!

For my part I seemed to spend much of the time looking at the rear end of things......cyclists, runners, horses and walkers all of whom were conspiring to keep me at walking pace for as long as possible.  However, I did witness the best manoeuvre of the day when following Tim & Helen's rear end as Tim undertook a magnificent swerve to avoid a suicidal pheasant.  His whole car seemed to sidestep and align itself on the same trajectory in the blink of an eye.   

I'm only aware of one person that needed Dave's famed cool, calm counselling service afterwards ....that was Dave himself!  There were some MG, Jag and Triumph drivers who had muscled in on "our" car park at the Axe & Compasses and had become surrounded and greatly outnumbered by Morgans.   I feared that their request for us to move just when starters were being served was leading to a major multilateral car club incident which was eventually defused by Tony D who left his food in the restaurant to engage reverse in the car park.  This heroic action saved the day so he was forgiven for then eating the food ordered by someone else!  It was some time before Dave was seen to be breathing normally again.

Four prizes were awarded:

  1. For the most accurate count of red telephone boxes - the prize was a Wilkins and Sons presentation box of 3 jams in a carton which replicated a red telephone box awarded to Christine Mead.
  2. For the most accurate count of red letter boxes - the prize was a Wilkins and Sons presentation box or 3 jams in a carton which replicated a red letterbox awarded to Helen Eaton.
  3. For the most accurate count of straw animals/finials - the prize was a safari hat. Awarded to Helen Eaton (again).
  4. For the least accurate count of straw animals/ finials - the prize was a pair of kiddies binoculars to help spot animals (or similar) in the 2019 Trundle. These were awarded to Sue Morgan.

Many thanks go to Dave and his team for organising yet another brilliant day and a big "well done" to all the participants for their dedication and sticking to the plot!

The Good Friday meeting is always a well-attended event where our cars emerge from their winter hibernation.  This year was no exception with 42 members getting together for an enjoyable long lunch and even longer chat!   

There were fewer Morgans than usual on display in the car park.  Only 11 Mogs faced the poor weather conditions and most will have been completely soaked by the time they got home!   More 2018 Anglemog handbooks were sold and It was great to see (and hear) so many friends all together catching up and looking forward to the forthcoming programme of events.  Many thanks to Brian and Christine for once again making all the arrangements.

Perhaps due to the clash with the MSCC Dinner and Dance at Malvern, just a small select group met at The Bull for lunch.

13 members, including Richard on his Honda motorbike (!), enjoyed a very good meal whilst 50% of the Morgans were noted to be topless in the sunny, albeit very cold, weather.

We were pleased to welcome Victor and Judith Isaac in their blue 4/4 which they acquired only in November last year. We hope to see more of them throughout the year.

Many thanks go to Michael Morgan for organising the day (and the weather).

Credit: Simon Daunt

We were blessed with sunshine and a relatively mild day on which to travel to the new home of Nethergate Brewery in Long Melford. The owners opened early, especially for us and provided a selection of beers to taste which increased our appetites for the very interesting tour. We were split into 3 groups so it was some time before all 28 of us emerged with more beer to take home for later. Meanwhile, those who didn't fancy the beer were checking out the cafes and shops in Long Melford. Once reunited, 42 of us made it to the Angel Inn in nearby Sudbury for a somewhat cosy and noisy Anglemog Sunday lunch. We welcomed David and Marion in their maroon +4 and hope they will join us again in the future. A big thank-you to Linda for organising beer, food and sunshine!

Simon thinks he's found two new turbo-chargers for his car.....

Traditional New Years Day 2018

The turnout of 33 for our traditional start to the New Year was considerably more than last year. Some of us didn’t have much sleep between New Year revelling and turning up for lunch but our discussions were as lively and noisy as ever as we exchanged seasonal greetings.
The milder weather encouraged 9 Mogs out of winter slumber and it was good to meet Colin & Michelle who are MG owners and members of Matching Green Car Club. They expressed great interest in Morgans but they had to say that as they were surrounded by us!
Given that Kelvin had done all the organising it was very unfortunate he and Tricia couldn’t be with us as Tricia was unwell. We also missed Hazel who was unwell and our good wishes were relayed hoping both ladies made a swift recovery.
Many thanks to Kelvin for ensuring all went smoothly, even when he couldn’t be there in person.

42 members congregated at the Daunts’ new(-ish) house for the traditional pre-Christmas meeting. This was a good turn-out considering the relocation into “sleepy Suffolk”.
Simon & Rosemary were so pleased to be able to play hosts again after the need to urgently rearrange the event last year.
Parking proved to be no problem after all as several couples helped by car-sharing - the only downside was the presence of only 2 Morgans (plus the one in the garage). The weather forecast was also not good which probably contributed to members keeping their loved ones tucked up nice and warm in their garages!
Nigel was keen to erect the club sail banner to help members find the new venue and we are aware of no-one still driving around trying to find it.
As always, a splendid spread of food was brought by everyone and there was plenty of booze to go round. Many members also worked hard washing up and serving tea and coffee meaning the hosts were left with little to do when everyone had departed home.
As always, a great traditional Anglemog start to the Festive Season.

Brian Horne organised a great day out with a guided tour of the Frogmore Paper Mill in Apsley, near Hemel Hempstead.
The Paper Mill is the world’s oldest mechanised paper mill and is still in production. Paper production was invented by the Chinese and was all hand made until the 18th century. The Paper Mill has a model of the first machine patented by Nicholas Louis Robert in 1797. The patent was bought by Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier who went on the develop the machine for more widespread use.
The Paper Mill was in regular production until 2007, when it suffered from the recession and became commercially unviable. However production now continues, turning out 100 tonnes of specialise paper each year. Such special versions include paper containing shredded up old bank notes and various ingredients including grass and sheep’s poo!
Following coffee, the two hour tour included a demonstration on hand-making of paper, and inspection of the various machinery from pulp-making through to final paper making and printing. Scattered around the mill were paper mache figures which caused much amusement.
The visit was followed by a short drive to the John Bunyan pub at Coleman Green for lunch, which was enjoyed al fresco thanks to the lovely weather.
A truly memorable day, from which many were suitably educated about paper making. Many thanks go to Brian and a visit can be recommended to other groups as the proceeds go towards keeping this heritage site open.

Hyde Hall RHS 20th August 2017

13 Morgans attended the car show at Hyde Hall organised by the Jaguar Drivers Club. Everyone was in place in plenty of time to climb the hill up to the cafe for the Bacon Butties!
Suitably refreshed, most spent time wandering around the other club stands. There was a large selection of Jaguars to study with Nigel trying to decide on model and colour for his next car!
Many reminisced over the MGBs, Triumph TRs and older Jags whilst being envious of some of the more expensive models such as the Mercedes SLs.
Most then settled down for a picnic, finished off by a trip to the ice cream van.
The day sped by and all gradually decamped after the permitted 4 p.m. exit time.
A glorious day enjoyed by all - with thanks going to Rosemarie for organising our club attendance (and the lemon drizzle cake!).

Over 60 Anglemog and Jaguar Drivers Club members braved the dreadful weather to attend. Those members with car ownership for both clubs had the difficult decision which car to bring!

Despite the heavy rain, 5 Morgans turned out compared to 7 Jaguars (two of which also had soft tops). 

The “Not a BBQ food” proved very good and everyone seemed to agree that this arrangement was preferred to a BBQ (not just because of the weather!).

Over £60 was taken from the raffle with proceeds going to Dementia UK.

Thanks go to Nigel for arranging things with the Golf Club and to Linda for the Raffle.

Garden Party 30th July 2017

I counted 13 Morgans in attendance. We were blessed by good weather - only needing to retreat into the gazebos for a very short light shower!
Everyone contributed to a magnificent spread of food - most of which seemed to disappear without much prompting.
Many thanks go to Kate and Dave for hosting the event - maybe this will become another traditional annual meeting!

Christine Upward masterminded a fascinating day, visiting Harwich.

With the help of the Harwich Heritage Society volunteers the day started with everyone congregating at the Harwich Redoubt Fort. Built in 1808-1810, it failed to plane for the increasing width on modern day Morgans! Most of the traditional cars were able to negotiate through an archway leaving the BMW Plus 8’s and Plus 4 Supersports to park just inside the entrance.

Time was spent having a look around the fort, with its various military displays. The fort had been inhabited by up to 300 soldiers in the past but never was a gun fired in anger! There was also time for coffee before we were officially welcomed by the Town Crier. We were then taken in two groups for a tour around the old town of Harwich.

The tour included a visit to the tall lighthouse (with 100 steps to climb) and the Treadmill Crane (with no steps allowed inside the wheels!). Sadly, the funfair on the green was closed.

Some were sad to note that only 8 public houses remained from the number of over 50 in the past. Escaping visits to the old prison cells, with pictures of sailing ships carved into the walls, and the Electric Palace (the old cinema that still operates - even showing 3D films), the tour ended at The Treo Bar and Cafe for lunch.

The two course meal was excellent - especially considering the extremely low price!

Some finished the day by detouring to Dedham on the way home.

A truly successful day thanks to Christine’s organisation, the Heritage Volunteers and the weather. Visitors to Harwich can join these Heritage Tours and these can be highly recommended.

Porsch Club BBQ 11th July 2017

12 Anglemoggers braved the awfully wet weather to attend the Porsche Club BBQ at the Rivenhall Oaks Golf Centre.

The heavy rain meant that most attended in tin tops. However, we at least added to the variety of machinery on show with an Aston Martin, Jaguar, Flat nosed Porsche and a Subaru. 

Just the one Morgan ventured out to “fly the flag” although few attendees spent much time inspecting the cars - preferring to stay indoors and enjoy the excellent BBQ fare.

Numbers were obviously down this year due to the weather but there were a few cars worth braving the rain to inspect.

With the event promoted in Miscellany, Simon jumped at the chance of being chauffeured in Nigel’s Aero 8 to the Sunday programme. The hillclimb is becoming a larger event in the calendar and much like a “mini-Festival of Speed”.

Upon arrival, Nigel was interviewed, and photos taken, whereby he might appear in an early edition of the re-issued MOG magazine.

The hill climb featured a wide range of racing and sports machinery up to the late 1960’s. Several Morgans, of three and four wheel configurations, took part including the factory MMC 11 and the 2004 Le Mans GTN.

We were pleased to catch up with long-time Anglemogger Edmund Burgess who now campaigns in vintage Bugattis. With past accidents, we were pleased to see that he kept all four wheels on the tarmac!

The event allowed free access to the paddock areas as well as providing a variety of exhibiting stalls and multiple food outlets. There was also a funfare (which we did not try out!). 

This is certainly an event for members to consider attending next year.

Tilbury Fort 25th June 2017

The plan was for a joint meet with the Three Wheeler Club and two three wheelers attended, thanks to the coordination by Michael Morgan..

A fascinating tour of the fort included many stories concentrating on the history and lives of those who lived and worked at the fort (first built in the 17th century).

The Fort has been used in a number of film shoots including the recent TV series “Taboo”.

Lunch followed at the Bull in Little Tilbury - a very good three course meal for under £20!

An excellent day organised by Roger Upward to whom must go many thanks.

Anglemog members again stretched their legs on another mid-week walk organised by Brian and Christine Mead.

The weather held off nicely, contrary to earlier forecasts. Everyone mustered at the Old Crown at Messing for coffee before setting off on a supposed 4 1/2 mile walk through woods and fields. Thanks to a few diversions, including side-tracking to look at ostriches(!), the route proved a little longer than originally expected. Thanks to a combination of written route and various smartphone maps we all made it back to the pub in time for lunch. 

Even Petra, our one Angledog in attendance, found the walking made one a bit hot - but no members joined her in the puddle to cool off!

Thanks to prior ordering, the excellent food was served up for everyone without delay and all agreed the Old Crown had proved a good choice, making it all a great day out - thanks to Brian and Christine’s organisation.

The guy in the top hat was our guide Colin Fenn and is leading the cortege from the gates up the hill to the catacombs before starting our tour.  

Credit: Richard Lanceman, David Waite, Simon Daunt

In all we counted 9 Morgans ranging from early Flat Rad and High Cowl models to the newer Plus 8s and Aero 8 on site.

A good time was spent viewing the other cars attending. Members either had snacks in the cafe or picnic’ed on site whilst a few decamped for lunch nearby in Corncraft in Monks Eleigh - where we met another couple of Morgans and Austin Healeys!

A few of us then reformed for tea and cakes at the Daunt's house before driving home.

Credit: Simon Daunt

23 Morgans were counted in the car park (plus a few tin-tops!).

The large array of cars included three wheeler, flat rad, 4/4, Plus 4, Plus 8 (Rover and BMW V8), Roadster, Supersports and Aero 8 - something for everyone.

The organisation was great (thanks to Brian Mead) and the food excellent. The meal finished with a cake presentation to Dudley & Cheryl to mark their 30 years in Anglemog.

Three Counties Trundle 2017

This year the run covers around 72 miles through Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridge and will involve driving a wet and dry route, a simple en-route questionnaire put together by simple people, plus a tie-break question involving red things!

The Trundle begins and ends at the same venue as last year i.e. the White Hart, Howlett End, Saffron Walden CB10 2UZ. Bacon Rolls with Coffee/Tea will be served on arrival and on completion of the Trundle, a meal comprising 2 or 3 Courses (your choice) will be served back at the White Hart.

The foot of Maltings Lane, Braughing, Herts
The foot of Gore Lane, Barwick Ford, Herts

Credit: Richard Lanceman 

Duxford - 25th March 2017

Credit: Malcolm Gillespie

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An excellent visit to this Mediaeval palace, art deco house and gardens. Café, shop and visitor centre included! English Heritage. 

Many thanks to Brian Meade for organising this successful event.

We Counted Them Out and We Counted All But One Of Them Back

Introduction (by David and Pat Waite)

 En route home from our Champagne trip last year Roger and Christine Upward called in to visit their friend Wolf, who lives a couple of hours’ drive from the Mosel. When they mentioned that they were planning our 2016 trip, Wolf suggested the Mosel region, and by the time Roger and Christine arrived home Wolf had the bones of our holiday laid out. Roger and Wolf put together a great programme, based at the Hotel Deutschherrenhof, Zeltingen-Rachtig, at a brilliant half board price.

I’m not sure what they think of Brexit but with these negotiating skills I suggest we leave them in charge of our negotiations with the EU.

17 cars signed up, a record for these trips, making their way in various groups. We took the indirect route via Bayeux and Giverny, which was stressful because of overheating problems until I identified that the radiator sensor wires had been connected the wrong way round after a respray.

Once this was sorted we had a pleasant run across France to meet the others, who report as follows.

Monday 16th May – The Lazy Day (by Colin and Sue Miers)

Our first day, was designated a non-driving day and after a leisurely breakfast, 33 morganistas crossed the road to the jetty to board the boat that was taking us down the Mosel to Traben-Trarbach. The weather was kind and it was possible to sit outside and admire the scenery.

The river is flanked on both sides by steep slopes that are neatly laid out with a patchwork of vineyards, some of which appeared to defy gravity! Outside Zeltingen-Rachtig they are building a second Mosel high crossing, the Hochmoseluebergang, which will be 158m high and 1720m long when finished. It was amazing going underneath, with just the pillars and one piece of bridge in place, it made you appreciate civil engineers!

On arrival there was time to wander around the town to find a restaurant for lunch sitting in the sun before wending our way back to Zeltingen-Rachtig.

En route to the bier keller - you should have seen them when they came out!

Tuesday 17th May – Marksburg Castle (by Ray and Jan Alderman)

With a no driving day on the Monday, Tuesday saw us leaving in small groups to go to the 12th century Marksburg, a castle overlooking the Rhine. We drove across country to Koblenz, over the bridge to the eastern bank of the Rhine. By the time we got there, we had all learnt a new German word “Umleitung” (diversion) as the normal approach road to the castle was undergoing repairs.

Caroline Paige particularly enjoyed getting close to the local flora.

The very informative guided tour took us through the centuries to many levels over some extremely uneven stone surfaces that would be lethal in the wet.

Roger Upward receiving the key to the castle

After lunch in the sunshine we went our different ways but most of us cross the Rhine again, travelling south along the western bank, stopping off at Boppard for an ice cream. We then turned right at Bacharach on a beautiful scenic run with lots of hairpins (proper Morgan driving) descending steeply with more hairpins to Bernkastel and back to the hotel for a welcome beer on the terrace.

The view of the Rhine from the castle 


Wednesday 18th May - Visit to Bernkastel Kues & a winery (by Simon and Lynne Morrison)


We were so lucky with the weather despite all the dire forecasts and set off in sunshine a few kilometres down the road to the well-known town of Bernkastel-Kues (one being on one side of the river and vice versa). Much of it dates back to the sixteenth century and is maintained in beautiful condition with painted timbered buildings leaning at all angles. We were given a very informative guided tour and am relieved to report that the most destructive opponent turned out to be the French who at times did their best to destroy the town! Outside the town hall there are still the original chains and shackles for offenders to spend a day in shame. There were many suggestions of candidates from our group – one name was repeated – I can`t understand why.

Last of the Summer Wine filming in Bernkastel-Kues


In the afternoon, we walked to a local small winery run by a delightful couple for a tasting. We tried eight different wines and were given bread, cheese and sausage in an attempt to soak it up. That didn`t work and the volume increased dramatically as the group participated enthusiastically in the proceedings. The difficulty was that once the fifth or sixth wine was being sampled, it was difficult to focus on the finer points being described by our hosts. Needless to say, we enjoyed it all and it was a really good afternoon. The icing on the cake was being taken around some of the host`s vines and learning of the complications and risks of cultivation. After this we staggered back to the hotel for a lie down!  

We weren't sure why this table was in the middle of a vineyard, but by now nobody cared!


Thursday 19th May – Bell Foundry and Burg Eltz (by Simon and Rosemary Daunt)


Thursday started with a visit to the Bell Foundry at Brockscheid. After coffee, we were given a fascinating guided tour. The foundry has two casting days each year, producing a wide range of bronze bells. Preparations for the next casting were in the very earliest of stages but it was clear to envisage the process.

Can you spot the Anglemog clangers? 

After the tour, Roger was presented with a small bell as a memento (only for David to boast that his Anglemog version was bigger!). The party then split – some decided to spend the rest of the day in Cochem whilst others continued on to Burg Eltz. 

Burg Eltz 


The castle was built in three parts to house separate branches of the Eltz family. Almost 900 years old, the castle survived destruction by the French in the Thirty Years War and Anglemog several years later. After a suitable repast and tour, most took the scenic route back following the banks of the Moselle.


Friday 20th May – The Journey Home (by David and Pat Waite)


Various groups left the hotel in drips and drabs. We planned a cross country route but the sat nav and road signs failed at a new roundabout which left us heading in the wrong direction. We came across a queue of cars and were horrified to see Brian and Hazel’s +4 verge with the left rear wing bashed in, surrounded by Anglemoggers, Police, an ambulance and a breakdown truck carrying a badly bent VW. It transpired that Brian had also taken this wrong turn and had parked on the verge, off the road, hazard lights on, along a straight stretch in full view of oncoming traffic. Despite this the VW hit him, careering up the left rear wing, overturning and landing on its roof. No one was seriously injured, although Hazel suffered severe bruising to her shoulder, but now fully recovered.

Many thanks to everyone for their help, encouragement and moral support.


To all invited motor clubs for Drive It Day at Kersey Mill on Sunday April 24th 2016

Credit: David Waite(pictures)

A few points to remember on the day: Drive-It-Day Kersey Mill 24 April in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance

What is National Drive It day? Click here for The National Drive It Day Website.

  • Catering Facilities are available in the marquee, cafe and at The Venue which is just alongside the kiln chimney where tea/coffee will be available from 10am onwards together with a licensed bar. The Venue have kindly provided seating areas both in The Maltings upstairs and the lower covered deck area for all refreshments purchased at The Venue.

  • Our chosen charity East Anglian Air Ambulance will have their promotional gazebo just outside The Venue’s car park area in which the Lagonda Club will be occupying throughout the day.
  • Please note that there is a one way system in operation, all the Drive It cars come through the main entrance and the attached plan of locations (not to scale) provide an approximate area for you to aim for. On site marshals will help to pinpoint your area but at very busy times we have to remember that the main road must be kept clear of cars and it may not be possible to locate you where indicated. 
  • We have arranged popular 1920’s/30’s period music entertainment with an experience local singer. The planned opening of The Mill will take place approximately midday and will be performed by the well known Millwright Bill Griffiths and we hope most of you will attend the opening. The restored Watermill Wheel will be in action and visitors will have the opportunity to visit the first and second floors of the Mill.
  • Live BBC Suffolk radio will be with us at various times during the day and they will be walking around asking about your various vehicles and whether you are enjoying the facilities.
  • Any owners who have young children with them may enjoy the donkey rides and the Glass & Craft business is open for all to enjoy creating crafts, complimentary tea/coffee will be provided to participants and drinks/snacks are available to purchase. Whilst visiting that retailing area do call on Amy at the Flower Shop who is selling seasonal flowers/gifts and particularly for the ladies to visit Zoe at Zor Boutique who is offering 10% off all purchases, she has some superb clothes/accessories/jewellery at very reasonable prices. Upstairs Pam Evans Counselling Services is offering anyone attending the event an opportunity to learn simple mindfulness techniques that will provide 2 or 3 minutes of calm in a busy life. Please phone Pam 07835 414429 if you wish to discuss further. There will be an ice cream seller on a tricycle in front of the Mill and a Guess the weight of the Millstone in The Mill. Bill Griffiths and other members of Historic England will be in the Mill to discuss the progress to date and answer of your questions.
  • In an attempt to improve the funds for the EAAA and Friends of Kersey Mill a raffle has been organised, with some wonderful prizes donated by local businesses. Please ensure you purchase your tickets on the day available from the EAAA stand near The Venue and from various sellers walking around. We have arranged for an EAAA volunteer to stand along the drive with a bucket to collect any loose change as you arrive, as this event has been organised by volunteers and with no admission cost we hope you will give generously – thank you.
  • Please remember we have a fast moving river running through the grounds and children must be kept under control at all times.
  • Each of the retail units all have individual toilet facilities and are happy at visitors using them throughout the day.
  • As this is a private home we’d appreciate it if everyone can use the bins provided or take their litter home – thank you. 
  • When you wish to leave do remember the one way exit system which means you go through the top five bar gate which is just beyond the refreshment marquee, that route will lead you out to a back lane where you will be directed to turn right, a few hundred yards turn right again and will come out on the A1071.
  • In an attempt to improve the funds for the EAAA and Friends of Kersey Mill a raffle has been organised, with some wonderful prizes donated by local businesses. Please ensure you purchase your tickets on the day available from the EAAA stand near The Venue and from various sellers walking around. We have arranged for an EAAA volunteer to stand along the driveway with a bucket to collect any loose change as you arrive. This event has been organised by volunteers and with no admission costs we hope you will give generously – thank you.

We sincerely hope you have an enjoyable day with us and a safe journey home and thank you for coming.

We have plans to organise a monthly vintage and classic car breakfast meet in conjunction with our current charities and as soon as final details have been agreed we will be in touch with you. Further details from: 01787 466175
Any problems during the event please phone 07774 866950, 07768 828361 or 07740 399884
There will be a qualified first aider on site please contact one of the above numbers if any help needed.

Dave Mills’ Four Counties Foray. Very well attended, 41 bodies 20 Mogs and Pat and Me in the Kuga (Mog still being sprayed)

Photo Credit: Andrew and Blaine Woods, Richard Lanceman


Article on the Walden Local Newspaper:

A very successful event at The Bull & Willow Great Totham; 62 bums on 62 seats and 26 Mogs in the car park.

Many thanks to Brian and Christine for organising this successful event.

The Fox, Matching Tye

Over 30 members attended and I counted 13 Morgans scattered around the pub.

We ordered at the bar, as we arrived, and the meals fairly promptly were delivered to the back room reserved for us.

Despite the numerous puddles on the roads, I believe everyone should have got home before the rain set in at dusk.

Thanks to Kelvin for organising the event for us - I believe that most were in support of the idea of staying at The Fox again for NYD.

Best wishes,







Mulled wine and Finger Buffet

Malcolm washing up!


Burley steam fair

Good afternoon
The October weekend is almost on us so final details attached.
With the exception of The Four Musketeers (who are staying down the road but joining us for dinner) we are staying at The Bell Inn, Brook, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7HE. Email:, tel: 02380 812214.
Unless you have made alternative arrangements we are booked in for three nights, Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October.
Dinner is booked for 7.30 for 8.00 each evening.
If you are travelling down in good time on Friday you may wish to join the other early arrivals at the Green Dragon (almost opposite The Bell) for lunch. We've nothing booked so turn up when you can.
The itinerary for Saturday includes a a scenic run from The Bell via Sammy Miller's Motorcycle Museum for a coffee break and then onto to Buckler's Hard (don't start!) for lunch after which Brian Mead has organised a river cruise.
Find the route attached. Please print this off and bring it with you.
It's up to you what you do on Sunday, but Brian suggests the following options:-
Beaulieu Motor Museum - please let Brian know if you will be going so he can try to arrange priveleged parking.
Hatchet Pond near Beaulieu
Breamore House, Fordingbridge
Everton Water Gardens, Lymington
Hurst Castle (English Heritage) including ferry from Keyhaven
New Forest Museum, Lyndhurst (free entry)
Fordingbridge Museum (free entry)
Art Gallery in Sway village
Isle of Waite ferry (renamed since I worked there in 1974)
Haynes Motor Museum
I think that's all for now, please contact Brian or me if you have any queries.
Keep on Moggin.
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Anglemog attended the Vintage Affair at Headingham Castle and were blessed with sunny skies for most of the day.

Picnics and good company accompanied by the many vintage stalls and the sound of the Galaxy Big band, accompanied at time by the Apple Blossoms trio singers.

A very enjoyable day for all. 

Thank You

Robert Davies

Pictures from this event:

Jan Lanceman has asked me to circulate the following:-

A quick reminder on the Thames Barge Trip on June 19th.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we will enjoy an afternoon sail on one of Maldon’s Historic Barges. We board at 1pm, set sail around 1.30 - 2pm and return to the harbour mooring at 4pm. Included in the afternoon are a two hour sailing experience with at least half of the time under sail. Our barge will take us past Brithnoth guarding the end of the Maldon Promenade Walk; the RSPB bird sanctuary of Northey Island; Heybridge Basin and the entrance to the Chelmer and Blackwater Canal; Millbeach and then sail within view of the privately owned Osea Island before heading back to the Quay. It is a lovely stretch of river, busy with birds and boats.

Also included are afternoon tea/coffee, scones, cream and jam plus homemade cake. 

The trip is on a public charter as we could not muster enough people for a private charter. Friends and family are also welcome. Topsail have advised me that places are filling quickly. So if you are interested please let me know as soon as possible.

The cost is £29.50 per person. A 50% deposit is required to secure a place. Cheques made out to 'Jan Lanceman' should be mailed to 1 Long Meadow, Great Notley, Braintree, Essex, CM77 7WD.

Parking is in the promenade Car Park which has speed bumps on its approach. Tin tops are therefore preferable.

Report and pictures from the visit to 

Hi All,    

Herewith the details sent to me by Cheryl and Dudley.    

I delayed circulating these until I was sure that they did not want to add anything more for announcement at the A.G.M.    

I suspect that Cheryl has already booked Rosemary and me in - at least, I hope so!    

Please let them know if you wish to take part and, when doing so, advise whether you would be interested in the Winchester "add-on". Once they have heard from everyone, I suspect that more details will follow about the Thursday night option if there is enough interest.    

As always, first come - first served so grab a room quickly and don't miss out!    

Best wishes,    

Simon Daunt

I have looked at hotels in Winchester and they seem to be too big or too small for us.  

Salisbury was also suggested so I have booked 18 rooms at the Legacy Rose and Crown.  

Cost £390 bbe (dinner is up to a value of £25).   Sorry no pets allowed.  Dudley and I stayed there with my parents about 3/4  years ago and it was very nicely located to easily walk into Salisbury (10 mins) and also had a bus stop outside.

There is plenty to see around the area.

Maybe Winchester could be visited on the Friday – I could look at a hotel/b&b for Thursday night if anyone is interested so that we can visit Winchester with more time.    

You can see it on the Web by typing in Legacy Rose and Crown Salisbury.  I have given my credit card to secure the rooms but we don’t have to pay anything yet.  best wishes  Cheryl


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Good Friday Meeting at The Peldon Rose

Despite the recent weather, we were blessed with sunshine for most of the day (despite it being rather cold). As seems to have become the rule however, there was a little snow still lying around for the visit to Queens Road for tea and cakes after lunch.

A record turn-out this year with 6 new centre members plus a couple returning to "the fold". Thanks to our friends, the Hunts, from Folkmog, we mustered three new M3Ws (three-wheelers) and these attracted a lot of attention.

Everyone seemed pleased with their meals at The Peldon Rose - the delivery of courses to over 50 diners was very efficient (thanks to Adam, the manager, and the system of pre-ordering used as before).

Not many photos this time as the cars were rather scattered in the pub car park, however attached are a few (mainly from Queens Road where there was a "face-off" between the three and four wheelers!).

Simon Daunt

Hi All,
Just to confirm that I have sent in everyone's orders to The Peldon Rose.

We have 38 dining so far (with a few planning to turn up for a drink!).

If there is anyone else wishing to book in for lunch, they must contact The Peldon Rose directly (and I suggest they ask to speak to the manager, Adam). It would also be helpful if they email me with their selections, whereby I can add them to the spreadsheet for displaying on the tables (to help you all remember what you had ordered!).

Any late additions must book with the pub - and not expect me to negotiate the extra places with Adam.
Looking forwards to seeing you all there - and, of course, back to our house for tea!

Best wishes,

Hi All,
For those attending on Good Friday:
Just in case you plan a trip onto Mersea Island before lunch at The Peldon Rose, you might like to know the following information kindly supplied by the Grundy's -Morgans don't float that well!!
The high tide is 1.32 and will be a 5.2 (which will probably go over the Strood) – hopefully everyone should be safely seated by then!

Best wishes,

Simon Daunt

Hi All,
Just a little reminder to book for this event! There are still some spaces left.
I forwarded the menu in January but attach it again in case you lost it.
Do please book with me (with your selections) as in the past. The deadline for this will be the 15th March (as I may be less easy to contact for the following week due to possible holiday arrangements - nothing fixed yet!).
If you wish to book after the deadline you will need to do this directly with the Peldon Rose (Tel: 01206 735248). It would be helpful if you email me to let me know if you have booked late - it may help me know whether to expect you on the day and Rosemary know how much baking to do!
If you book with me and then have to cancel after the 15th, you must do this directly with the pub (and copy me in) - otherwise you will still be responsible for your bill!
If you would care to book with me by email, I will confirm receipt of your order(s). You may like to remember that Rosemary should be baking a few cakes for tea in case you want to leave a little room!
Best wishes,
Simon Daunt

Hi All,

I know it is a bit early but I thought you should know that we have decided to book the Peldon Rose again for our Good Friday Lunchtime meeting.

I, therefore, attach the party menu for you to choose from.

Do please book with me (with your selections) as in the past. The deadline for this will be the 15th March.

If you wish to book after the deadline you will need to do this directly with the Peldon Rose (Tel: 01206 735248).

If you book with me and then have to cancel after the 15th, you must do this directly with the pub - otherwise you will still be responsible for your bill!

If you would care to book with me by email, I will confirm receipt of your order(s). You may like to know that Rosemary should be baking a few cakes for tea in case you want to leave a little room!

Best wishes,

Simon Daunt

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Pictures from the 2012 October weekend away in Old Hunstanton

Just a reminder that on Sunday 21 October we are planning a visit to the Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket.  This is an open air museum with lots of interesting buildings housing different exhibitions – for full details visit their website 
The Museum opens at 11.00 am and I suggest we arrive there around that time to have coffee before our visit.  
If the weather is good we will be able to park on site and so it would be helpful if you could let me know if you wish to join us so that I can let them know how many cars we need to park and also let the cafe know how many we will be for coffee.  If the weather is good you may wish to take a picnic or the cafe does food if you prefer.
If you wish to join us please contact Jan Alderman by Monday 15 October.
Best wishes

Jan Alderman

Anglemog joined up with a few Cranmoggers when attending the Shuttleworth Uncovered Day at the Old Warden Airfield.

Members first mustered at the Baldock Services only to find a lonely brand new Plus 8 in the car park! The metallic red beauty was out for a run having been collected from Melvyn Rutter only the day before. The owner was soon talked in to joining us at the airfield where his new toy attracted a huge amount of attention from both Mog owners and the general public! Many members were sad to learn that the Plus 8 was destined for Guernsey (hence the registration number) where the speed limit is certain to cramp its style. However, we were pleased to learn it will escape to the mainland - France or U.K. - to exercise its legs from time to time!

Time was spent picnicking (of course!) and visiting the museum before the evening flying started. The wind calmed down enough for a couple of the Edwardian aircraft to take off - a great finale at the end of a glorious day.

We parked our Morgans on the front lawn; the line up included two three wheelers and a real mini cooper. Despite a titanic re-enactment everyone arrived at the Fox & Raven dry and ready to eat. Our narrow boat was regailed with tails of the history of the canel from 1600 onwards(we won't say who remembered that far back).

A lovely dinner was enjoyed by all - served in a timely fashion by waitresses all co-ordinated with the longest eyelashes. Those that walked back failed to get lost but hugged the famous cricket bat willows.

The science museum was fantastic. Hands-on interaction; we sent morse code to each other and learnt about Marconi.

Returning to Sue and Michael's for a marvellous spread of tea and cake. Thanks for having us!

‘Sandford Mill’s Science Discovery Day’ is on Sunday 30th September 2012 from 10am to 5pm.  Sandford Mill is an education centre for children and is so well thought out it appeals to all ages.  The site has a lovely informal atmosphere.
Various boat owners have agreed to ferry us to Barnes Mill.
Lunch at the ‘Fox and Raven’ or bring a picnic and sit by the river?
The suggestion is for us to display our Morgans on the front lawn at Sandford Mill about 11am on the Sunday, board one of a variety of boats, travel to Barnes Mill Lock, a short walk to the ‘Fox & Raven’ for lunch about noon, return by a different boat or walk back to Sandford Mill and have a look round the site (free) including the ‘Marconi Hut’.
Sue and Michael Morgan

AngleMog - Games in the Park

What a great day! Perfect company, perfect weather, perfect food! A big thank you to all the volunteers and of course special thanks to Natalie and Malcolm for hosting the event.

Competition was so fierce that participants started to make up their own events as shown below!

Hi All,

I hope you have all been in training - the hour is nigh! Herewith a reminder for you to get organised:



The Kelsey's are now drawing up their final plans for this event to outshine the international event in London!


I am not sure what games are being devised by Malcolm - I have suggested Rowing and Sailing on the duck pond and Cycling round their grounds as these seem to be strong events for Team G.B.! I believe he will have a choice of events to fit in with the weather on the day.


Natalie will be coordinating the self-catering - she will want to take bookings and take note of what members will be bringing so as to ensure a fair spread of food (just as we do for the pre-Xmas Mulled Wine Event). Note - you are also expected to bring sufficient liquid refreshment as well as food.


Hopefully, Malcolm and Natalie will be able to attend tomorrow's Noggin and BBQ but, whether or not, it is essential that we start to liaise with them to ensure a successful day. No doubt, they can advise of the time to turn up when you register your intention to compete.


There are no plans for an Anglemog Torch Relay but the Kelseys might light a candle if so persuaded!


No blood or urine samples will be required to check for drug cheats - however, I might bring the breathalyser!


Please book as soon as possible.


Best wishes,

Six Morgans got together to take part in the Brightlingsea Carnival - something we have not supported for a few years!

Despite the earlier weather forecast, the previous rain had stopped and the recreation ground had stayed dry enough for the event to go ahead. The strong wind during the day seemed to dry out the ground even more!

After congregating at the Daunt's home for coffee/tea, the short drive allowed us to arrive as a group with plenty of time to enjoy a snack picnic before the parade started at 1.00 p.m.

As in past years, most of the town seemed to have turned out to watch the parade and the display of cars covered in bunting (some left over from the Queen's Jubilee!) seemed to be appreciated - we have been invited back for next year!

The high winds proved a challenge but everyone seemed to fight their way to the tea or beer tent before winding their way home having enjoyed a very successful day.

Simon Daunt

It was so HOT, Chris and Jane had ordered the perfect weather - slight breeze and 29C.

11 cars attended, with ivory and cream being the majority colour of the day - although we did manage a short row of jubilee coloured parking with red, white(cream/ivory) and blue. So, all ready for the jubilee next week (smile).

Hyde Hall made us feel very welcome and suggested that next time we visit we can all park on main avenue inside the gardens and feature on the RHS website as a visiting car club!

The RHS dry gardens looked spectacular in the sun.

Tea and cake at Paul and Alison's afterwards for a brief respite from the sun before everyone headed home.

Hyde Hall Royal Horticultural Society Garden in Rettendon Sunday 27th May 2012

Meet at 12noon, group parking will hopefully be arranged on site.  The cost for 10+ visitors in a group is £6 each.  Please have the correct cash for the entry fee.  RHS members are free, along with a guest.  At 12.30pm picnic inside the gardens – the picnic tables are just by the visitors’ centre/shop; if inclement weather then we may wish to eat at the Field Café instead.  Take time to enjoy the garden.  From the A130 (southbound) Rettendon Turnpike roundabout follow the tourist attraction flower symbols towards South Woodham Ferrers on the A132.  At the Shaw Farm roundabout, turn into Willow Grove/Creephedge Lane.   The Royal Horticultural Society Garden, Hyde Hall, Creephedge Lane, Rettendon CM3 8ET.  Tea and cakes at Paul and Alison's from 4pm opnwards.

To book please contact Alison Edwards.

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The final gathering was a joint outing with Folkmog to Ickworth - a National Trust
property near Bury St Edmunds. We were very lucky with the weather as the sun shone all
day and we enjoyed a traditional picnic whilst our cars were gleaming on display in front of
the house.

The author had one upsetting incident - an attractive model was being
photographed outside the house. I went over and suggested to the photographer that he
might improve the pictures if she draped herself over a Morgan, possibly mine! He was a
bit lukewarm about this and so I retreated, thinking no more of it until I found out that Mr
Daunt had actually done the deed and moved his Morgan into the required position. She
then proceeded to drape herselfall over his car - disgusting! I wasn't in the least upset about
it - b...tard!! Many thanks to Diana Biddlecombe for arranging the event.

Simon Morrison

October Weekend Away - Thame

Please see the attached tour pack.

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On 30th August 16 Morgans attended this traditional Country Show event, which has become a regular item in the Anglemog diary. Although blustery, the rain held off and most enjoyed their picnics amongst the sunny intervals! A couple of cars displayed bonnet mascots - Brian's duck first became attached during the Spring trip to Germany - Sue's duck escaped from a craft stall on the day - the bike proved a bit bumpy riding over the louvres!

Best wishes,


An Excellent day out! It was so hot - the warmest day of the year so far; we had all arrived by about 11am and after teas and coffee the party split to tour the gardens and house/studios. There is so much to see that some of us returned after an excellent picnic in the shade.

In the afternoon it was off to Chris and Jane's for tea and fabulous cakes - screams could be heard all around as the nation watched England's biggest ever defeat in the world cup against Germany.


The Compasses Pattiswick

Lunch time noggin at The Compasses Pattiswick.


No files shared here yet.


27th September 2009 Canal Trip

The Canal Trip is getting better and unmissable!

If you would like to attend please respond by Saturday 12th.

Meet now at the Sandford Mill, Sandford Road, Chelmsford, CM2 6NY before 11am where we are being asked by the welcoming Sandford Mill Museum organisers to show our cars on the front lawn. Would each car please have a written gem about the car. No rules. A few facts, history or a funny ditty please.

We will board a variety of boats under the guidance of Ron of Blackwater Boats who will be pleased to take £5.00 per person for the return trip to Barnes Mill Lock.

A short walk to The Fox and Raven for lunch. We are not able to reserve tables although Ron and Lorna know we are coming and request we come early which is why we board at 11am at Sandford Mill. The menu is pub grub, normal prices and we encourage some banter with the staff.

Ron and our other boaters will return us to Sandford Mill where on this open day apart from the Morgan Sports Car display the theme is Science Discovery with hands on science activities including a visiting science show. The Marconi Museum is resident with the Marconi Hut housing a working radio room. That is if you can get in for the old chaps who can and do work the wireless. The last wooden working boat, Susan, is still on the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation and is moored here. Entrance to Sandford Mill is free although there is a donation box at reception.

Sandford Mill Museum is open from 10 am until 5pm on the day.

We are hoping for good weather and you to enjoy the laid back day in the centre of Anglemog area.

Regards Sue and Michael Morgan


Matching Green Car Show 2009

Matching Green Car Show

About 400 classic cars and motorcycles, army trucks etc, turned out for the Matching Green Classic & Sports Car Clubs 15th Annual Show, held on the Green in great weather (for a change!)

The theme this year was to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Mini, and the 100th of the Morgan. The show is completely free to all comers, and to entertain the 1000 or so people who came during the day there were many stalls, including a Beer tent, Cake stall, Tea stall etc. and a programme of events in the arena accompanied by a Rock n' Roll band. A light-hearted Question of Cars quiz was held between the Minis & the Mogs (Mogs lost out due to some very biased questions!!)

Two three-wheelers joined us for the afternoon, having spent the morning at another show! Thanks to all who participated and also to Reg Lowe from Folkmog, who made the journey(in the rain) from Wroxham.




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Morgan Beach Hut Party Sunday 28 June From 11.00am by Leigh Sebba

This event was last held around 1990 / 1992 when many of us brought our young children. Perhaps this time it will be grandchildren. I attach photos and the postcard we sent.

The Hut is Number 150 at Frinton on Sea at the Golf Course end (ie towards Clacton). There is no road access from Clacton. Drive into Frinton through the newly replaced Level Crossing gates and head to sea and turn right. Park at bottom of Second Avenue and walk across the Green (next to the boat launching access road).

If the weather is good then Frinton can get very busy on Sundays and there is an alternative access avoiding the Level Crossing. This is via Walton (or over a small bridge between Walton and Frinton that says 'not suitable for vehicles !'). Also if Thorpe le Soken is busy one can turn off via Kirby le Soken.

Bring picnic lunch, folding chair if you have, and any other 'beach equipment'. It is often breezy if you have a kite. Also windsurfer, kitesurfer, sea canoe if you can get them in Mog. Bucket and spade. I will provide tea, coffee, etc and Frinton now even has a pub and fish & chips.

I will be there at 10.00 am and please arrive when you wish (but bearing in mind the earlier beats the traffic / parking). Low tide is at 11.00 am at which time there is a large sandy beach and a safe sea to swim in for the hardy. High tide is at 5.00pm so by that time any activities will have to move to the Green behind the hut.

I would suggest the main organised activities are beach cricket and a Morgan sandcastle competition. Any other suggestions ?

The more sedentary can play 'count the windmills' as there are a large number of wind turbines being erected a few miles out to sea.

I think dogs are banned from beach at this time of year although can sit by the hut.

I will be there whatever the weather and if it's bleak we can see how many we can get in the hut.

Leigh Sebba

"Drive It Day" gathering at Wimpole Hall

The Drive It Day gathering at Wimpole Hall. 29 Morgans attended, including visitors from Cranmog, Fringemog and TVMog. (including David Evan's Mark I Aero and Vic Champness's unique Plus 4 Coupe. Chris and Jane Drew arrived in two cars - their F4 (converted to two-seater) and 4/4.

A great day thanks to the weather, John Goodman's organisation and Geraldine standing for a long time at the entrance gate to ensure everyone got directed to the front of the house!


Good Friday Lunchtime Noggin at the Peldon Rose

The Good Friday, now traditional, meeting on Good Friday was blessed with fine weather, despite the forecast of rain.

41 members sat down for lunch - with 5 others basking in the sun outside the restaurant! We welcomed new members David Grundy and Christine Warner all the way from Mersea Island! It was only their second outing in their new Imperial Crimson Morgan!

Many took up the offer of tea and cakes at the Daunts' afterwards to round off a successful day.

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