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41 members, plus “4 hanger-ons” (one son and three grandchildren guests) attended the meeting at The Duke of Wellington in Hatfield Peverel. This was the third venue being tested out as a possible meeting place for future monthly noggins.
The restaurant area (a.k.a. the old conservatory) was set aside for the group. As all were eating, this proved a little on the small side. Most had pre booked their food although a few changes were required as the menu was being “wound down” in preparation for a new menu starting in a couple of weeks time.
These, and the additional orders by those not pre-booking, were ably managed by the friendly staff.
With so many eating at the same time, combined with other members of the public in the rest of the pub, the kitchen was faced with quite a challenge , particularly as it was difficult to plate out 40 meals at the same time! Nevertheless, the meals were served on nice hot plates and the food was very good and very well priced!
It was agreed that the kitchen would find it much easier to cope on Noggin nights as food would be ordered as and when members turned up. Also a smaller number would be wanting to eat. With fewer eating, the restaurant area might also feel less cramped.
The committee will soon be deciding whether to move to this venue, at least for a few months to test out how well it performs on Noggin evenings, before deciding whether an alternative might be required.
Despite the very occasional blustery shower, the weather was mainly kind whereby at least ten Morgans were counted in the car park. Some were noted to be hoods down, including Michael and Sue’s three wheeler.
Overall, this proved a well attended successful meeting and a good trial for future thoughts regarding relocation.

29 members were booked to attend the lunchtime meeting at The Hare. This pub is used by other car clubs and, in the past, has held Breakfast Meetings until they became so popular that the Police became concerned about the spill-over of cars on to the main highway.
An excellent lunch was enjoyed by all and, with the glorious sunny weather, 10 Morgans were counted in the car park. By the time we left, the car park was indeed overflowing onto the road as an expression as to how busy the place was!
For those with time on their hands and room in their bellies, Rosemarie and Peter Nelson invited members back to their house for tea and cakes.
The event was part of the exercise to find a new venue for our monthly Noggins (as we are to move from Little Channels Golf Club) but, despite the great food and friendly staff, the venue did not appear suitable as there was no separate area for a group meeting.
Many thanks go to Rosemarie for, once again, organising the lunch (and the weather!)

The hunt is now on for an adequate replacement venue for our monthly Wednesday evening noggins and the Crown was the first potential on our list to be visited.  29 members with 6 Mogs were in attendance.  Dave and Marion walked, Ray and Jan should have done!  Malcolm and Anne's newly purchased +8 graced the car park and Malcolm was witnessed getting increasingly fidgety as the inevitable grey clouds turned to rain!  He'll now know how much water gets in!

We'll take soundings from members about the venues we visit and it was disappointing that we couldn't view the potential meeting room. Speaking personally I'm hoping the next venus will have more to offer.  However, we must thank Rosemarie Nelson for organising us all, especially in Panto season and of course Peter as her able assistant!

24 members turned up at the White Hart, Margaretting Tye for the traditional New Year’s Day gathering. Despite initial problems sorting out everyone’s meal orders - only 20 had been expected with orders to the pub having been received by email, telephone or not-at-all! - the tables were re-organised for us all to sit together. Thereafter, service was very well organised with everyone eventually getting what they expected.
The weather had been kind whereby 9 Morgans made it to the car park where it was commented that now “blue is the colour” thanks to the Upward and Gillespie new acquisitions - a 3.7 Roadster and Rover Plus 8 respectively. This resulted in 6 cars of various shades of blue! Dark clouds were noted to be gathering by departure time resulting a slightly damp journey home for some.

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