• 2020

I have nothing by way of activity to report.  However, in September I introduced the idea of delaying our AGM due to ongoing COVID restrictions and sought feedback.

As you know, I wish to ensure everyone has the opportunity to have his or her say under usual conditions and all feedback received on the suggestion of delay has been supportive, so our committee members and I will continue in role until it is possible to safely meet indoors.  If the present situation looks to be continuing beyond April 2021, I will investigate the possibility of conducting a virtual AGM via Zoom with the aim of having a new Centre Secretary and duly elected committee in place within 6 months of the delayed AGM.  Our treasurer will circulate annual accounts as at November (as usual) and they can be ratified when hopefully, we meet again under one roof for the AGM. 

Meanwhile, the committee members and I will continue to consider events that might be possible keeping in mind prevailing government rules and guidelines.