When is a buffet a Chefs table?  When it's at the Commodore Hotel, Instow!  
Rosemary and Simon had high hopes of this hotel as our base for this year's weekend away and it didn't disappoint.  This is a family-owned business and as promised, we were treated very well with good accommodation, excellent food and attention.  I particularly liked the freshly cooked breakfast!  Many had travelled down on Thursday, including Colin who made it all the way to his first rendezvous point before realising he was still wearing his slippers!    Still on the footwear theme, Malcolm had bought new shoes and I had nearly worn mine out, pacing up and down the side of dual carriageway waiting for the RAC after my car had decided to cut out while doing 70 mph in the outside lane!   Miraculously, having thrown a hissy-fit, it decided to work again after a 40-minute rest by the side of the road.  For those already arrived, Friday was spent at leisure exploring the local area while the rest of the party of 42 travelled down.

On Saturday most of us visited Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre and immediately reverted to childhood!  All that was missing was candyfloss! Please see the accompanying pictures which say more than a thousand words to describe the fun we had.  On Sunday we dispersed far and wide in smaller groups exploring all that North Devon has to offer.  The big news of the weekend (perhaps even the year) was that Dave W attempted to wash his car!  Please see the picture of the front ....and then another of the missing bits leaning against the wall!  Apparently, Dave had to be told that his bumper was falling off!  Undertaking the temporary number plate fix was sufficient distraction from washing the rest of the car so we'll wait to find out what else may be missing, perhaps next year.....

Some of us visited the oldest known Morgan in existence thanks to Peter and Rosemary who had become aware of it being near where they happened to be staying.  The car is privately owned and the owner was happy for 8 inquisitive Anglemoggers to invade his garage and thanks to Geoff, ask some very technical detailed questions about how a 1912 M3W actually works.  Again, we have pictures of this incredible piece of machinery.  During the evening meals, Ruby was very excited by the magic man (that's me if you didn't know....) we had the usual picture caption competition and quizzes to ensure full engagement was maintained until the inevitable decline into comfortable chairs to see the evening out.  
Many thanks to Simon & Rosemary for their hard work in arranging another excellent weekend.

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