Anglemog is on the road again. First stop Bouillon to explore the Belgium Ardennes. Not without incident as Nigel was pulled over by border security for full car check and the convoy plans were shot even before we left Calais! All we need now is sunshine
Here we are at our first meal in the Belgium Ardennes and 2 Puds Pat is at it again....
Day 2 - Anglemog in the Ardennes spent walking around Bouillon. The Castle is spectacular, especially the implements of torture and Falconry display. The hotel food is also spectacular so we ate here again and this was followed by card building competitio
Day 4 and we have all safely made it to Hornberg in the Black Forest. Over 800 miles since leaving home. A good run through the empty French countryside in the sunshine. Strasbourg in rush hour was challenging! The rain has finally caught up with us.
Anglemog day 3. Our last day in the Ardennes. We split into groups to explore museums and the local villages. “Two puds Pat” now has a rival in “two dollops Dave” when it comes to sweets and Helena won the evenings card challenge.
Day 5 - Anglemog tour, now in the Black Forest. We split into various groups exploring museums, waterfalls, saw mill, and scenic runs. After the evening meal our entertainment consisted of Tony telling stories and a jigsaw challenge.
Anglemog trip - day 6. Again, we split into groups exploring Gengenbach (beautiful medieval town architecture & lunch) along with various tours around the small roads within the Black Forest.
Anglemog trip - day 7. On our way back now, some on motorways, others on the back roads. Troyes was the overnight stop with the added bonus of excellent night out on the town which included unexpected entertainment.