• 2015

Pictures from this event:

As described on the MOG 2015 website:

During the course of the day you can learn about the trials and tribulations of entering international car rallies in a Morgan.Test your communications skills with your navigator as you go through the varying tests set out in the gymkhana – this is always good for a laugh! To complement the light-hearted nature of the day teams of four are invited to take part in a combination of fun and games, and a pit-stop challenge.

Devamog have gone one step further than an Autosolo and are putting on an Autoduo for teams of either two males, two females or a mixed crew. They will take part in navigating a course in the car designed and provided by us. This environmentally friendly car (with a difference), based on a 4/4 chassis, will challenge your communication and co-ordination skills, along with your fitness…! 

Videos of the MOG 2015 event of the Anglemog team at the Pit Stop Challenge and the Autocar Duo. Videos provided by Jan Alderman.